Mac lab configuration information

Information about the configuration of the Seneca@York campus Mac labs follows.

This document was most recently updated in September 2011.


Black screen on iOS Simulator

When you attempt to run the iOS Simulator in T2109*, it may not run successfully. The iPhone device outline appears, but the screen remains black.

Here’s how to fix this.

After you login to the Mac, and before you do anything else, do these two actions:

1. Start the iOS Simulator. (The easiest way is to use Spotlight; press Command+Space, and begin typing “ios simulator”. Select/click the matching “Top Hit” or “Application”.)

2. On the iOS Simulator menu, select Reset Contents and Settings…, and on the subsequent dialog, select Reset. Now, quit the simulator.

You can now successfully use the simulator. (We will attempt to correct this problem during the semester.)

* – This behaviour applies to T2019, and the SEQ Mac labs, S2112, S2113, S2114, and S2046.


Developer Tools group authentication

After a new (power on) Mac session, the first time that you “run” an iOS app while in Xcode, you will be asked to authenticate as a user in the “Developer Tools” group:

The credentials are:

Name: dev

Password: dev


Developer documentation update authentication

If you are prompted to enter credentials to update the developer documentation, then you can cancel. (We will attempt to remove this behaviour during the semester.)


Xcode versions in various lab rooms

As of September 16, 2011, the following shows the Xcode versions on the campus Macs.

Xcode 4.0.2

  • T2109 (our classroom)
  • S2112, S2113, S2114, S2046

Xcode 3.2.3 (with the separate Interface Builder app)

  • Library (Learning Commons)


See this page for room availability.





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