DPS923 Resources

This page has resource material and links that will be useful in DPS923 / MAP523.


Equipment and facilities

If you do not have a Mac, you can use the computers in T3078 (our new Mac lab, new in January 2017). Computers in these rooms have the correct version of Xcode.

On Thursday and Friday, this room has good open availability, if you would like to visit to work on your weekly assignment.

Your professor team understands that the other Macs on campus may not be correctly configured.


Responding to developer-related dialogs in Xcode 

After a new/fresh power-on, your first request to run an iOS app in the iOS Simulator will cause a dialog to appear. It’s simply asking for permission to run your app in debugging mode.

Yes, you want to. Use the credentials dev and dev for both the user name and password. That’s simply dev in lower case.


Resources that help you get started

Use these resources regularly and repeatedly. Not just once, but multiple times.

Objective-C is a superset of the C language. Remember that.

Also, Objective-C is NOT like C++, Java, or C#. Don’t assume.

Do you need a book? See the section below for your professor’s comments.

Here’s the list of resources to help you get started, presented in order from first use:

This course’s daily notes pages – they guide your learning through the topics

Apple developer documents…

The Swift Programming Language – HTML – also available on iBooks if you have a Mac

Swift Standard Library Reference (Apple, HTMLPDF)

iOS Technology Overview – HTMLPDF

iOS App Programming Guide – HTMLPDF

Start Developing iOS Apps Today – HTML

Xcode Basics Help – HTML

Xcode Overview – HTMLPDF

Xcode Source Code Editor Help – HTML

Cocoa Core Competencies

Cocoa Core Competencies for iOS

UIKit User Interface Catalog – HTML – PDF

Class reference start page

iOS Human Interface Guidelines – HTMLPDF

Legacy documents:

Programming with Objective-C – HTMLPDF


Do you need a book?

You are not required to purchase a physical or digital book / textbook for this course. However, your learning style may desire a book. Many beginner-level books targeted to iOS development on iOS 7 or 8 may be suitable.












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