DPS923 Notes – Thu Jan 9

Welcome. Get started on the Mac. iOS development with Objective-C and Cocoa.



This course will be fun. Challenging, but fun.

You’ll learn to program apps for iOS.

You’ll learn mobile app development principles, useful for any mobile platform.


Today’s topic sequence

Introduction, or re-introduction, to the Mac. Login, using Finder, and using a browser.

Introduction to Objective-C (the language) and Cocoa (the class library and runtime).

Introduction to Xcode, the developer tool. Start Xcode, and create a project.

Drill down: Objective-C in more depth.

In Xcode, we will create a simple OS X application, a command line tool.

Then, we will create a simple iOS application, a single-view app.

Two example OS X apps have been posted. They introduce you to Objective-C in a gentle manner, and highlight Objective-C’s different syntax. This course’s code examples are linked on the upper-right corner of these pages.

  1. Strings and numbers – learn how to convert between strings and numbers, and how to display/print them
  2. Files and an array – learn to use a Cocoa framework class (the file manager), and get introduced to an array, which is a collection class



Xcode basics (here’s the Xcode 5 User Guide).

Documentation basics, and How to use Apple developer documentation, using NSString and NSArray as examples.


Using a Mac in S2112

The configuration may not be perfect, so be patient. If you see a problem, please report it to your professor.

Store your work on the “Work Drive”, or on your own media.

Downloaded items show up on the desktop.

To debug, when prompted, use “dev” for both the user name and password.












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