DPS913 APD601 Assignment

This post introduces the programming assignment for the Winter 2012 semester.


Programming Assignment

The programming assignment enables you to create a shiny new app that shows off your knowledge and skills. It is due in early April, and is worth 35% of your final course grade.


Specifications Introduction

You will select one of the following app ideas. (I expect that among all the students in the course, at least a couple of students will select every idea.)

App name / idea…
Glossy Biz
Premise Information and content for a School of ICT member An interactive, multimedia-based, glossary-like learning tool, for business and marketing terminology Queue, plan, view, and remember movies, television, and video
Specifications My ICT specifications Glossy Biz specifications qPVR specifications
Could use these device features ContactsEvents
Possible dependencies on external web sites or web services Seneca ICT web site(professor-provided) Seneca ICT web serviceYour own web service WikipediaOther Seneca school web sitesYour own web service Movie info provider (like Netflix, RottenTomatoes)Television listings providerYouTubeYour own web service
Possible local storage User dataApp data (some? most?) User dataAlmost all of the app data User dataSome app data


Please note that the intellectual property for these three ideas is retained by Seneca College. In other words, you will not be able to claim one of these ideas as your own, and assert a propriatery right to the idea to the exclusion of others who may want to create a similar app.

If you have your own idea, I am prepared to listen to your proposal, but it better be a good idea.


Work alone

For this assignment, you will work alone. It is acceptable to collaborate with someone else, but you must do your own work.


Web services

You must use a web service. It could be a web service that you create yourself, or an existing web service.





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