Welcome to the Web Services course – fall 2013

Welcome to the Web Services Architecture course! This post has information that helps you get started in the course.


Course introduction

Welcome to the course!

In this course, you will learn how to design and create web services.

Web services are a vital part of today’s modern software architecture. They provide the power and data behind mobile applications. They enable standards-based enterprise and public applications that can be deployed at web scale.

Through the course, you will learn foundational concepts, skills, and technologies that will enable you to create high-quality intermediate- and advanced-level web services in the future.


Prerequisite knowledge

Coming into the course, you must have some experience and success programming web apps.

This means that you must have passed the third- and fourth-semester ‘web programming’ courses. Here’s what you should know before starting this course:

  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Web app design principles, and basic knowledge about how the web works
  • In general, writing code in the C# language, and using the .NET Framework classes, using Visual Studio
    • Experience with ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework code first will be an asset

In addition, you need the ability to learn quickly and effectively.

You will be expected to learn (through watching, listening, reading, doing, and helping others) a significant amount of material. This learning will be done incrementally, so you must keep involved during the course to be successful. Based upon the experience of other students, you WILL fail the course if you don’t keep up, and/or attempt to “cram” for a test, assignment, or exam.


How can I get started?

Before every class, read/study the class notes, found on the course web site’s “Notes” page.

Scan (or at least visit) the linked articles on the Resources page.





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