DPS907 notes – Fri Nov 29

A brief introduction to SOAP XML Web Services.


Today – a brief introduction to SOAP XML Web Services. This topic will be included on the final exam.

Also today, BEFORE class begins, upload your completed programming assignment to the My.Seneca/Blackboard link.


SOAP XML Web Services

Demonstrated during the lab/session…


New SOAP XML web service project

File > New > Project.

Choose “WCF Service Application”.


Or, add to an existing project

It’s more interesting to add a “WCF Service” to an existing project, so this is the preferred learning approach.

In Solution Explorer, right-click your project file, and add new item.

Choose “WCF Service”.

Visual Studio creates a C# interface code module, and a class that inherits from the interface.

Write code as you have learned. Use your repository, and your view models. Add more to each if you need to.

Test your work by using the “WCF Test Client”.

Either select the ~.svc file and press F5 (to start debugging), or select the ~.svc file, right-click, set as the “Start Page”, then press F5.


We also looked at creating a separate ‘client’…

Make sure the app (in which the service is defined) is loaded and running.

Quick-and-easy – create a new “ASP.NET Web Forms Application”.

Add a “Service Reference”.

Then, the web service will appear as a class that you can use and code against.


Practice on your own

Add a SOAP XML Web Service to one of your existing apps.

Use the WCF Test Client app to test.

Create a separate (web forms) app to consume the web service.








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