DPS907 WSA500 Final Exam Information

The final exam for DPS907 and WSA500, for the Fall 2012 semester, is Monday, December 10, 2012.


Final Exam, Monday, December 10

The final exam for DPS907 and WSA500, for the Fall 2012 semester, is Monday, December 10, 2012, at 11:30am ET. Come to TEL Building, room T2110, for the exam.

The exam is worth 25% of your final course grade.

In the exam room, do not sit beside another student in your course/program. For example, if you’re a CPA student, do not sit beside another CPA student. (This rule is the same as the one used for Test 2.)

Best wishes on the exam.


What to expect

You will be tested on all of the topics covered during the course.

For some questions, short answers (a sentence or two) will be required. For other questions, medium-length answers (a few sentences or paragraphs) will be required.

Some questions may require you to write a small amount of programming code.

You will also be asked to create partial implementation of a specification. We are interested in ensuring that you know the structure of a web service app. You will not have to write all the code needed to make the app work, but you must know where the code should go.

More information is found below.


Reference sheet

A reference sheet is permitted. Hand-written on one side only. Full specifications are in the course policies document.

Follow the rules if you create a reference sheet. If you don’t, you will not be permitted to use it.


Reminder about course policies

This is a reminder: Review the course policies, located on the course web site. In particular, make sure you read and understand the information in the “Tests and Other Graded Work” section.


Prepare for the exam

Ask yourself two questions:

Can I explain?

Can I do?

If you can answer “yes” to both, you’re prepared.


The course outlines (for DPS907 and WSA500) include a “Specific outcomes” list. Upon successful completion of the course, you should be able to fulfill these outcomes. Let’s go through them, in an effort to understand what kinds of questions you can expect on a final exam.


Understand and describe the principles of service-oriented architecture

What problem is SOA solving?
Benefits, advantages


Understand and describe the standards and technologies of modern web services implementations

Explain “web service” to someone who is NOT a programmer (e.g. a business worker/manager)
Data formats and packaging
Internet media types
REST, and RESTful
Resources, and Representations
Security principles (including HTTP, OAuth)


Effectively use market-leading development tools to create and consume web services

(demonstrated by completion of labs, previous tests, and the programming assignment)

However, you should still know about coding by convention, ASP.NET MVC, code first, lambda expressions, etc.


Identify and select the appropriate framework components in the creation of web service solutions

MVC – why?
Request routing
Data storage (including Entity Framework, code first)
Message handlers
Formatters (including content negotiation)
Object mapping (including AutoMapper)


Apply object-oriented programming principles to the creation of web service solutions

System Design Guidance – what, why, how
Implementation best practices


Analyze the requirements of an entry-level (WSA500) or medium-difficulty (DPS907) programming task, and create software that meets the requirements

Can you do this?
You may be asked to scaffold a solution, using your computer


DPS907: For a given specification, determine the appropriate web services style and design

Based on the programming task above, “determine the…”
Be ready to defend your answer


DPS907: Compare service oriented architecture with other kinds of design principles

This is a thought exercise





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