DPS907 programming assignment – specifications 3

DPS907 programming assignment specifications, document 2, for the November 15 due date.


Link to the assignment overview document.

Link to the specifications document 1.

Link to the specifications document 2.


Due date, November 22, 2013, at 1:30pm ET

The overview document asked you to complete the following by November 22, 2013, at 1:30pm ET:

GradedWork entity support, includes:

  • view model classes
  • repository
  • controller (for get, post, put, delete)

Deployed on a Windows Azure web site


Security infrastructure

Your web service will use the professor’s OAuth infrastructure web app to issue and validate access tokens.

Anonymous users will be able to send ‘get-all’ and ‘get-one’ requests for the GradedWork entity.

Users in the “Faculty” role will be able to add (POST), update (PUT), and delete (DELETE) a GradedWork object.


Expectations for work quality

Follow best practices.

Your app’s design must conform to the System Design Guidance diagram, and the web service must be hypermedia-driven.










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