DPS907 programming assignment – specifications 1

DPS907 programming assignment specifications, document 1, for the November 8 due date.


Link to the assignment overview document.


Due date, November 8, 2013, at 1:30pm ET

The overview document asked you to complete the following by November 8, 2013, at 1:30pm ET:

App domain model classes, and enumerations

Store initializer, which adds these objects:

  • two programs (CPA, BSD)
  • five subjects (probably your current subjects)
  • five employees (your professors) – if you wish to add more spaces, go ahead

Semester and Student entity support, includes:

  • view model classes
  • repository
  • controller (for get-all and get-one only)


Security infrastructure

Your web service will use the professor’s OAuth infrastructure web app to issue and validate access tokens.

Anonymous users will be able to view some content from the web service (using HTTP GET).

In this first ‘deliverable’, you must create a controller that will return Student and Semester entity data. All users – including unauthenticated anonymous users – will be able to view this data.

In the next deliverable, your code will enable anonymous users to work with some entities, while other entities will require that the user be authenticated.


Expectations for work quality

Follow best practices.

Your app’s design must conform to the System Design Guidance diagram.

The web service must be hypermedia-driven.











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