BTI420 notes – Wed Feb 5 and Thu Feb 6

Quiz 2. Hands-on with this week’s topics.


Quiz 2 is today

Quiz 2 is today. It will happen at the beginning of the timeslot:

  • Section B – Wed Feb 5 – 11:40am to 11:55am – TEL Building room T3132
  • Section A – Thu Feb 6 – 9:50am to 10:05am – TEL Building room T3132

If you come late, you will not get extra time.

If you miss the quiz, you will not get another opportunity to write it.

A reference sheet is NOT permitted. You cannot use a computing device of any kind during the quiz.

What to expect

To be successful in this Software Development program, you must be able to explain a topic or concept, and you must be able to apply a topic or concept.

These quizzes give you an opportunity to briefly explain one or more topics or concepts. (Your labs give you an opportunity to apply topics and concepts.)

When reviewing the course materials, simply ask yourself “can I explain that topic or concept”? If you can answer “yes”, and can compose a brief and clear answer, then you’re well-prepared for the quiz.


Topic coverage today

See the Wednesday February 5 notes for full coverage.

If there’s time remaining, you can work on your own.











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