BTI420 notes – Wed Apr 2 and Thu Apr 3 – Test 2

BTI420 Test 2 is scheduled for today, in room T3132. The test will have a written portion, and a programming portion (done on a computer in the classroom).


BTI420 Test 2 is scheduled for today, in room T3132

For section B, the test is Wednesday, April 2, at 11:40am.

For section A, the test is Thursday, April 3, at 9:50am.

The test is worth 15% of your final course grade, and will be a mixed-format test. There will be a written portion, and a programming portion.

If you come late, you will not get extra time.


Prepare for today’s test

Ask yourself two questions:

Can I explain?

Can I do?

If you can answer “yes” to both, you’re prepared.


What to expect

It will cover web app programming, all topics from the “Security” topic to recently-covered topics. However, please note that some of these topics require that you know ‘foundation’ topics that were covered in the first half of the course.

You may be asked about factual information, as well as concepts, which will give you an opportunity to demonstrate reasoning, analysis, and synthesis skills.

Written portion – The question types will include short answer, multiple choice, sequencing, and so on.

Programming portion – You will add some functionality to an existing ASP.NET MVC web app project.


Reference material

You cannot use any reference resources for the written portion of the test. “Closed book, open brain.” Your display and/or computer must be off when you are answering the questions on the written portion. Your professor will attempt to manage this situation by offering you the choice of which portion (written or programming) to do first.

For the programming portion, you can use any printed or online resource (except those that are prohibited by course policies).

You can use a College computer, or your own computer.


A reminder about the written portion of the test…

To be successful in this Software Development program, you must be able to explain a topic or concept, and you must be able to apply a topic or concept.

The written portion of the test gives you an opportunity to briefly explain one or more topics or concepts. (The programming portion gives you an opportunity to apply topics and concepts.)

When reviewing the course materials, simply ask yourself “can I explain that topic or concept”? If you can answer “yes”, and can compose a brief and clear answer, then you’re well-prepared for the test.


A reminder about the programming portion of the test…

You will not be able to build a solution “Frankenstein style” from code snippets that you assemble from various sources. Therefore, make sure that you know how to write solutions for the course topics.

You must package and upload your work BEFORE the class timeslot ends. The upload link will disappear. No upload, no marks.

If you run into trouble, please be aware that part marks will be earned for the parts of your solution that work.


Reminder about Course policies

This is a reminder: Review the Course policies document. In particular, make sure you read and understand the information about “Tests and Other Graded Work”.


How to prepare for the test

Review your hand-written and/or digital notes.

Review the course notes. Every page. Every section. Every word.

Follow the links in the course notes and the readings – read, understand, and apply the readings.

Write code. Practice every scenario. Rebuild the code examples, without using copy-paste.

Know how to explain concepts, and draw simple diagrams where appropriate.

Know and understand the reasons for some of the design and coding decisions we make.

Create your own questions: After reviewing a topic, pause for a moment, and ask yourself whether you could explain and implement the topic.












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