BTI420 programming assignment specifications document 2

Assignment specifications 2.


This is the second specifications document for the programming assignment.

Here is a link back to the programming assignment introduction.

Here is a link to the first specifications document.


Next due date, expectations and marking guide

The next due date and time is Thursday, March 27, 2014, at 5:00pm ET.

Plan to do the following. (If you do more, that’s OK.)

  1. Data management for the app’s entities
  2. Load initial data
  3. Implement security
  4. (more to come)

Submit your work by uploading to the My.Seneca/Blackboard link. (Remove the packages, bin, and obj folders.) The upload link will disappear after the due date and time, so don’t be late!


Implement standard data management operations

Create the controller, view model, and manager code that enables standard data management operations on the app’s entities.

That includes media items.


Load initial data provided by your professors

Will be provided in CSV plain-text files. You will learn how to load the data.

Student entity – generated date from

Teacher  entity – current data

Course entity – current data



This app will have three kinds of users. A “Role” will be created for each:

Faculty – a professor can create a graded work item for a course.

Student – a student can view and manage graded work in their courses.

Admin – an admin can create course objects, and do query and reporting tasks.


User account creation rules

The “register” account function will add the new user to the “Student” role.

A separate “register” account function will enable an admin user to register/create an account for a teacher.


Submit your work on My.Seneca/Blackboard

Follow these brief instructions to submit your work on My.Seneca/Blackboard.

1. Make a copy of your project

2. Remove the “packages”, “bin”, and “obj” folders

3. Zip your project (make sure you’re at the correct level in the file system)

4. Submit your work via My.Seneca/Blackboard









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