BTI420 ASP.NET dev

This is the home page for the BTI420 course.

BTI420 – Web Programming on Windows (Servers) – This course specifically addresses the technical skills and business knowledge required to develop data-driven web sites hosted on the Microsoft Web Platform. The course will focus on server-side ASP.NET programming technologies and the C# language. Students will also work with current and full-featured data access technologies, and interact with a variety of local and remote data stores.


In BTI420, you will learn the ASP.NET MVC development model. (We do not cover the ASP.NET Web Forms development model in this course.)

The following table has links to course content:

Course notes Daily class notes, and related information
Weekly schedule Topics covered during the course, organized by week; includes test dates and assignment due dates
Graded work list List of graded work, dates, and values
Policies & standards Policies & standards that govern conduct and expectations in the course
Course outline Official course (subject) outline from the Computer Studies web site
Course addendum Addendum that complements the course outline information
Resources A list of digital and physical resources that we’ll use during the course


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