Welcome to BTI220! This post has information that helps you get started in the course.


Course introduction

Welcome to BTI220!

In this course, you will learn web client programming:

Through this process, you will learn foundational concepts, skills, and technologies that will enable you to create high-quality intermediate- and advanced-level web applications in the future.

Coming into the course, you must have some experience and success programming in the C language. This means that you must have passed BTP100. Here’s what you should know before starting BTI220:

  • Problem-solving abilities
  • In general, C language syntax
  • Expressions and logic, variables, scope
  • Flow-of-control (decisions, loops, input, output)
  • Data types and structures
  • Functions and modularity

You must also have learned these things from the BTO120 and BTO130 operating systems courses:

  • In general, working with Unix and Windows
  • Regular expressions
  • Networking, the Internet, Internet protocols, application services, and the Web

In addition, you need the ability to learn quickly and effectively.

You will be expected to learn (through watching, listening, reading, doing, and helping others) a significant amount of material. This learning will be done incrementally, so you must keep involved during the course to be successful. Based upon the experience of other students, you WILL fail the course if you don’t keep up, and/or attempt to “cram” for a test, assignment, or exam.


How can I get started?

Read the linked articles above.

Before every class, read/study the class notes, found on the course web site’s “Notes” page.

Scan (or at least visit) the linked articles on the Resources page.

As a compressed course (in July and August only), this course moves fast. Do not fall behind.

Whenever we are in a lecture session, you are NOT permitted to use a device (e.g. laptop, tablet, smartphone). Be prepared for that – bring a paper notepad and a pen or pencil.




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