BTI220 notes – Thu Jul 25

A number of web client development topics today, including menus, layouts, and images and other media.


Your professor apologizes for the brevity of these notes, for two major reasons: 1) Lack of time to document my thoughts (which will be covered in the class/lecture session), and 2) The presence of useful and quality material on the web (which will be linked). 


Make progress on the programming assignment

Work due Saturday morning; July 27, at 12:00pm (noon)

Complete details are on the “assignment deliverable/part 1” page

(more to come)


More about menus

You learned a framework to create a menu from a styled unordered list.

Today, we’ll look at an example of a list that includes nested lists, to create a drop-down menu:

Building a Nav Menu


More about layouts

You learned a framework to create a two-column layout for your content.

Today, we’ll discuss design issues, and more layout choices.

Web Style Guide online – good resource

Let’s look at topics in its chapter 7

DynamicDrive has many layout examples

Here are a few good articles:

In Search of the Holy Grail, by Matthew Levine

Fluid Grids, by Ethan Marcotte

(more to come)


Working with images and other media

We briefly discuss and introduce media-related topics:

  • image
  • audio
  • video
  • canvas

(more to come)






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