BTI220 Final Exam

This page has info about the BTI220 final exam, on Monday August 12, 2013, at 2:00pm ET.


Date, time, location

The final exam is on Monday, August 12, 2013, at 2:00pm ET.

The *new* room is  S 2 1 2 3  in the SEQ Building.

Do not sit directly beside another student.

You can enter the room long before the exam begins, and prepare your computer. (Power it on, login, load and run your editor etc.; do whatever you need to, so that the computer runs well.) You can use your own computer, or a College computer.


Format of the final exam

The exam has two parts, and you must complete both parts:

In Part A, there are questions that ask you about your understanding of web client programming topics. These questions require short answers, which may include coding (of JavaScript, or HTML, or CSS). Some of the questions may be based on your experience working on the recently-completed programming assignment.

Reference resources of any kind are NOT permitted in Part A of the exam.

Print or write neatly!

In Part B, there are small programming tasks that ask you to write code (JavaScript, and/or HTML, and/or CSS) for several scenarios. The goal is to prove that you can apply concepts that you learned in this course.

Reference resources, online or print, are permitted for Part B of the test.

Follow instructions carefully!

Both parts are worth almost the same number of marks. Like the mid-course test, each part is a separate document. You will choose which part to work on first at the beginning of the exam time slot. Your computer’s display must be off when you are working on Part A.


Additional information

Make sure that you are familiar with the relevant sections of the course policies document.

While preparing for the exam, ask yourself two simple questions:

  1. Can I explain?
  2. Can I do?

If you can answer “yes” to both, then you will be well-prepared.

It should be obvious that frequently practicing, by writing code/solutions, is an excellent way to learn the material, so that you can answer “yes” to the questions above with confidence.

WARNING! You will simply not be able to construct working and valid answers by using a copy-paste method, where you try to find the “right” blocks of code from somewhere, and assemble them, Frankenstein-style. 

You can use existing code resources as a reference and/or reminder, but then you must WRITE YOUR OWN CODE. 


What to expect – topic review

(The following was copied from the August 8 notes page.)

In sequence, we covered these topics during the course. You should be prepared to “explain” and “do” any of them.

Internet architecture

  • Internet protocol basics
  • Internet application protocols and services
  • HTTP specifically, and an overview of how it works


  • So… just what is JavaScript?
  • Types
  • Syntax, operators, statements, etc.
  • Objects (including object, array, date, etc.)
  • Functions – which are objects
  • Regular expressions
  • Scope
  • Closure
  • Prototypal inheritance

HTML, and the HTML DOM

  • So… just what is HTML? What is the HTML DOM?
  • Document structure/overview
  • Important elements and using them
  • DOM tree
  • Node, and node types/kinds
  • Modifying the DOM (HTML structure and content) with JavaScript


  • So… just what is CSS?
  • Rules overview
  • Selectors overview and specifics
  • Declarations
  • Box model
  • Block elements, inline elements
  • Rule categories… normalization, layout, type, color/media
  • Type, introduction
  • Colour, introduction
  • Modifying the DOM (CSS formatting and appearance) with JavaScript

Web client programming topics

  • More DOM modification, continued (which, uh, is the major theme)
  • Events
  • Hyperlinks
  • Images basics
  • Navigation and menus
  • Layout basics
  • HTML Forms
  • Image galleries
  • Ajax, and simulating a call to a web service
  • Media other than images – audio, video, canvas
  • Adaptive and responsive layout for print and mobile targets


Best wishes on the exam.




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