BTI220 programming assignment

This document introduces the programming assignment for the Summer 2013 version of BTI220.


Programming assignment introduction

Personal portfolio of your school and work related accomplishments

Online showcase


  • Help you get a job
  • Develop your skills
  • Get online
  • Prove that you can implement this course’s topics, concepts, and techniques


Working on the assignment


Can consult and collaborate, but you must do your own work

One interim progress report


Initial thoughts about features

Multiple pages, organized

Consistent appearance

Multi-column layouts, adaptive (for smaller devices)

Implements the foundations, plus the new topics covered in the remainder of the course

Content areas for different kinds of work

  • web programming
  • other programming (that’s not easy to show on a web page)
  • other course clusters (e.g. business-related)

Image gallery of screenshots

It does use HTML Forms for something(s)

It may (probably) calls web service to provide page updates

Biography / resume / CV – school + work related only

Print media friendly

Deployed on a public web server (more details later)

(more to come maybe)


Due dates, and deliverables

The first deliverable/part is due on Saturday, July 27

Full details are on the “programming assignment deliverable/part 1” page


The final deliverable is due on Friday, April 9, at 7:00am ET

Full details are on the “programming assignment final deliverable/part” page


Here’s what your professor is expecting

Nicely-formatted and commented code

Adherence to web coding standards (use the W3C validation service)

Well-organized project folder structure

CSS rules are in one file (and linked to each content page), and well-organized within that file

JavaScript is in one file (and linked to each content page), and well-organized within that file

However, it’s OK to put per-page (or page-specific) JavaScript in a content page; normally the code will be placed in a script element near the bottom of the content page

Adherence to HTML5 principles

Good-quality content – empty pages with “placeholder” text are not acceptable

You do NOT have to attempt to “win a design award” – you’re probably not a digital/graphic artist, or a user interface / user experience expert, so don’t attempt to change the goals of the assignment

Demonstrated knowledge of:

  • JavaScript fundamentals, including data types and syntax
  • JavaScript objects, arrays, functions, and other objects
  • HTML elements and coding principles
  • Using the HTML DOM, and modifying it
  • Foundation knowledge of CSS selectors and rule definitions




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