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The School’s refreshed web programming courses in CPD, CPA, and BSD

In 2011, a group of faculty members met to begin a review and a refresh of the web programming courses in the CPD, CPA, and BSD programs. That work continues this summer, and will continue over the next several months.


In CPD and CPA, the three-course sequence begins with INT222, and then continues with INT322 and INT422. In BSD, the three-course sequence begins with BTI220, and then continues with BTI320 and BTI420. (While the topics covered in the diploma and degree programs are similar, the BSD degree program includes more conceptual material, and the work’s complexity and breadth requirements are at a higher degree-level standard.)


As a result of the review, the topic coverage in INT222 and BTI220 will be based on HTML5. The instructional focus, and work expectations, will evolve so that students learn about the critically-important web client programming topics. Perhaps the most important topic is the Document Object Model, known as the DOM, which describes a structured, object-oriented, and interactive document on the web. The HTML markup language provides the syntax for a document’s structure, as well as its content. Then, CSS enables a programmer to configure the appearance of the document. Finally, JavaScript enables interactivity, and importantly, modification of the document’s structure, content, and appearance, based on user interaction, and/or state and context changes in the environment.


While the week-to-week topic list will be similar to past versions of INT222 and BTI220, the instructional focus and work expectations will evolve, as noted earlier. As a result, we require that the student pass their first-semester programming course (IPC144 in CPD and CPA, and BTP100 in BSD), before enrolling in their first web programming course.


In the CPD and CPA programs, this prerequisite change means that IPC144 is now a prerequisite for OOP244, IBC233, and INT222. In a scenario where a first-semester student passes all courses except IPC144, the student will be able to enroll in a maximum of three (3) courses in their second semester: IPC144, DBS201, and an English and Liberal Studies option.


In the BSD program, this prerequisite change means that BTP100 is now a prerequisite for BTP200 and BTI220.


In the future, the topic coverage in INT322 (BTI320) and INT422 (BTI420) will also evolve, and we’ll have more to say about those courses in the future.


If you have feedback or suggestions that would help this curriculum refresh effort, and you haven’t already made your views known, please add a comment to this post, or speak with (or write to) your web programming professor, or your program coordinator.





  1. June 19, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    This is awesome news!

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