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Lecture notes for Monday March 14

Coverage today includes navigation (menu, site map, security trimming), and creating an document editor.


Prepare for today’s class

Beginning ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB
Chapter (to be announced)
ASP.NET 4 Unleashed
Chapter (to be announced)


Coming up in BTI420

Fri Mar 18 – continue with the applied topics in ASP.NET Web Forms dev

Mon Mar 21 – continue with the applied topics in ASP.NET Web Forms dev

Fri Mar 25 – no lecture/lab; professor is available to help you with your assignment


Code examples for today

  • Menu Control
  • Deliver Digital Content
  • Editor Workflow Combined


Topic coverage in today’s lecture

This lecture is one of a series that presents a wide range of topics in ASP.NET Web Forms development. These topics will help you learn more about topics we covered in the first half of the course, and cover new ground. In addition, the topics are designed to complement your work on the course’s programming assignment.

Special Notice: Recently, we discussed the ASP.NET Routing feature. After additional testing, we have determined that it isn’t fully compatible with our current web server configuration (specifically web site authoring), and we are likely unable to fix the problem before the end of the current semester. Therefore, you should plan on using legacy techniques, namely web forms (and/or generic handlers) with query string name-value pairs.


Today’s coverage includes:

  • ASP.NET Menu Control
  • Site Map as a menu data source
  • Security Trimming to automatically configure a menu to a user’s role
  • How to design a document editor

…and maybe…

  • Media (e.g. an image) delivery, the legacy way (without using ASP.NET Routing)
  • Rich text editor


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