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Lecture notes for Friday February 25

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We continue our study of network access today. We learn the concepts and coding patterns, from a number of example apps. Then, we look at the task of designing a “home screen” / launcher user interface, which will help you get started on your assignment.


Prepare for today’s class

Show up on time. Be alert and mentally agile. Be prepared to learn.

If you wish, you can look at some of the introductory readings in the DPS913 Virtual Textbook.

And, you can go through the digital content linked below.


Coming up in DPS913 / APD601

Week of Mon Feb 28 through Fri Mar 4 – study week, no classes or labs

Tue Mar 8 – Core Graphics introduction to 2D graphics, and iOS device features


Example apps covered today


  • TV via web
  • Read Tweets
  • MWFeedParser
  • Launcher


Also, look at “Events 6”. It shows the events that fire in a nav-based app that gets its data from a web service.


Topic coverage in today’s lecture

Introduction to network access in iOS

Consume JSON from a RESTful web service in iOS

Web service that provides School of Computer Studies data

Create an app “home” or “launch” view


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