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Test 1 is on Friday February 18

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DPS913 / APD601 Test 1 is today, Friday February 18. Open this post for full details.


Prepare for today’s test

Ask yourself two questions:

Can I explain?

Can I do?

If you can answer “yes” to both, you’re prepared.


Coming up in DPS913 / APD601

Tue Feb 22 – accessing the network, and getting data from a web service

Fri Feb 25 – user interface foundations for your assignment

Week of Mon Feb 28 through Fri Mar 4 – study week, no classes or labs

Tue Mar 8 – Core Graphics introduction to 2D graphics, and iOS device features


DPS913 / APD601 Test 1 is today

Test 1 is Friday, February 18, during our regularly-scheduled time together.

It is worth 20% of your final course grade, and will be a mixed-format test – there will be a written portion, and a programming portion.

It will cover iOS programming, up to and including Core Data, in read-only mode. You may be asked about factual information, as well as concepts, which will give you an opportunity to demonstrate reasoning, analysis, and synthesis skills.

Written portion – The question types will include short answer, multiple choice, sequencing, and so on.

Programming portion – You will create (or extend) an iOS application that meets a specification. It will probably be a simple navigation-based app, and data will come from a Core Data store that will be provided to you.

You cannot use online resources for the written portion of the test. Your computer must be off when you are answering the questions on the written portion. I will try to manage this situation by offering you the choice of which portion (written or programming) to do first.

Best wishes on the test.


Reference material and resources

The following lists the reference resources which are permitted and those which are not allowed.


  • Written portion – one single hand-printed paper-based reference sheet (see the “Reference Sheet Guidelines” in my web site Course Policies section)
  • Programming portion – the same reference sheet; you can also use online sources as a reference

Not allowed:

  • Written portion – online resources, digital devices like iPod Touch, iPhone, or other smartphone/whatever

Pay attention to the note about the reference sheet. Do NOT copy/paste my notes etc. At the beginning of the test, I will inspect your reference sheet, and reserve the right to disallow its usage.


Please read my web site’s “Your responsibilities” and “Course Policies” pages, especially the Tests and Other Graded Work section.

Best wishes on the test.


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