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Lecture notes for Monday January 31

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This week, you learn how to work with the web server’s file system. This is the second of three state/data persistence techniques that we will learn.


Prepare for today’s class

You will use the posted notes, and the supporting MSDN reference material, to learn this week’s topic theme. There is limited coverage in the textbooks.

Textbook readings:

Beginning ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB
Chapter 9 section, “Reading from Text Files”
ASP.NET 4 Unleashed
Chapter 4 section, “Accepting File Uploads”


Coming up in BTI420

Mon Jan 31 – security, using the server’s file system, System.IO classes

Fri Feb 4 – continue file system topics; may have time to work on Lab 3

Mon Feb 7 – data (base) access topics


Code examples for today


File Upload, and File Download

File Read, File Write, and File Read-Write

Directory Read (3 variations)


Topic coverage in today’s lecture

This is an easy topic, BUT… You have to learn some foundational concepts before you can practice file input/output (I/O) efficiently and effectively.

We recommend that you work through and learn the following topics in sequence:

An introduction to security topics as they apply to web applications

Physical and virtual paths on ASP.NET web servers

File uploading – sending a file FROM a browser user’s computer TO your web app

File downloading – receiving a file FROM a web app and saving it TO a browser user’s computer

An introduction to streams, which are the foundational building blocks for moving data to and from end points

File I/O classes, which enable a wide range of file system manipulation capabilities


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