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DPS907 WSA500 final exam Mon Dec 13

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This post has information about the final exam.


The final exam is Monday, December 13

The final exam for DPS907 and WSA500 is Monday, December 13, 2010, at 11:30am ET.

Come to SEQ Building, room S3028, for the exam. (If the exam schedule shows a different room, ignore that room, and come to S3028.)

Note: The exam will be held in SEQ Building, room S3028.


The exam is worth 30% of your final course grade, and will be a written exam. In addition, there is a small programming task that you must complete BEFORE the exam begins.

In the exam room, do not sit directly beside another student. Use an aisle/end seat, and then fill in the rows, leaving an empty seat between you and your neighbouring student.

Best wishes on the exam.


Before the exam, complete the programming task, and print your work

On Sunday, December 12, before noon, you will receive an email from your professor. It will ask you to complete a programming task, which will become a part of your final exam. Follow these instructions, which will also be included in the email:

  • Do your own work, and work on your own.
  • Include a declaration that the work conforms to Seneca’s Academic Honesty policy.
  • Make sure that you identify your work with your name and student number.
  • Include code comments, so that your professor can understand your design.
  • Print your work, and bring it to the exam room on Monday, December 13.
  • Submit it with the rest of your exam work.


What to expect

You will be tested on all of the topics covered during the course, including the “security” topic that we covered on December 1.

For some questions, short answers (a sentence or two) will be required. For other questions, medium-length answers (a few sentences or paragraphs) will be required.

Some questions require you to write a small amount of programming code.

The course’s focus was on creating web services, so you should not expect to create client-side code solutions. However, you must know and understand the concepts and techniques of requests to a web service.


Reference sheet

You will be permitted to use one hand-written reference sheet. It must conform to the “Reference Sheet Guidelines” section of the course Policies & Standards, EXCEPT that it MUST be hand-written.

Note: This is important. Make sure that your reference sheet meets the specifications. If not, you will not be able to use it. (Does this ever happen? Yes. In the Winter 2010 exam period, your professor disallowed the use of four (4) reference sheets.)


Reminder about course Policies & Standards

This is a reminder: Review the course Policies & Standards, located on the course web site. In particular, make sure you read and understand the information in the “Tests and Other Graded Work” section.


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