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DPS913 lab notes Mon Dec 6

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A “work period” is planned for today, an you can work on your programming assignment. I will be available, in-class/lab, to provide assistance.


Prepare for today’s class

Be aware of recent topic coverage. Review past notes. Preview future notes.


Coming up in DPS913 / APD601

Thu Dec 9 – to be determined (maybe you will be presenting your assignment to your professor in a brief 10-minute session)

Wed Dec 15 – final exam, at 11:30am, in *new* SEQ Building room S3028


Activities for today’s class

As noted above, today is a work period, for your programming assignment.


How to submit your programming assignment

Follow these instructions to submit your programming assignment:

1) Upload your work to the usual destination

2) Send me an email, and include the following in the email:

The name of your iOS app

Your declaration that you followed Seneca’s academic honesty policy; include the following text as your declaration:

I declare that the attached assignment is my own work in accordance withSeneca Academic Policy.  No part of this assignment has been copied manually or electronically from any other source (including web sites) or distributed to other students.

< your name >
< your Seneca student ID # >

If your iOS app was done with a partner, BOTH people must send an email with the academic honesty declaration.

Be careful about this: If you obtained programming code, whether it was a few lines, or a complete library/framework, from a web-based source (including the professor’s course notes and example apps), you MUST give attribution to the provider. Obviously, the most convenient way to do this is with an informative comment in your programming code. You can also use a “read me” document.


Your assignment will be considered “submitted” when you have met these conditions.


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