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DPS913 lecture notes Thu Nov 25

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A selection of topics today, including an RSS reader that uses MWFeedParser. (Today’s class is shorter in duration; it begins at 10:30am.)


Prepare for today’s class

Digital content linked below, and on the virtual textbook page.


Coming up in DPS913 / APD601

Mon Nov 29 – work period – work on your programming assignment

Thu Dec 2 – optional coverage of topics that will help you complete your programming assignment


Example apps covered today



Topic coverage preview

iOS has good support for processing XML. The preferred approach is to use an event-driven parser. While this provides the developer with full control of parsing operations, it does take a fair amount of effort to implement, and the implementation is always based on the XML document’s schema.

If you simply need to read and process RSS feeds (RSS 1, 2, and Atom), it seems that there should be built-in support for that – but there isn’t. However, Michael Waterfall has released MWFeedParser that is ideal for this situation. Use a search engine to find it (it’s hosted on github). The download is a fully-working project, which “just works”. Inspect it, and you will see the components that you need to copy into your own project.


Blog posts for today’s class

(Professor’s note… Before class, I could not make the time to create a post for today’s coverage. However, it’s likely that I’ll make a post or two, so check back in a few days for more.)


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