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DPS913 lecture notes Thu Nov 18

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A selection of topics today, including an “app home screen”, and device features.


Prepare for today’s class

Digital content linked below, and on the virtual textbook page.


Coming up in DPS913 / APD601

Mon Nov 22 – work period – work on your programming assignment

Thu Nov 25 – more coverage of device features


Example apps covered today

Downloadable – Main Menu

Downloadable – AddBk API (address book)

Downloadable – Play Music

Downloadable – Locations, Simple Map


Topic coverage preview

Many students are creating an app (for the programming assignment) that could benefit from an “app home screen”. For example, the “mySCS” app will feature a number of distinctly separate (but often complementary) modules. Today, we will cover an approach that would work well.

We will also introduce a few more device features today:

  • Address Book API – to get access to the data that’s typically managed by the Contacts app
  • Core Audio – to play audio in an application
  • Core Location – to get access to the device’s current location
  • Map Kit – to display location data on a map view


These features will be introduced at an introductory level only. As we discuss each example, we will show you how to access the documentation, which will enable you to create implementations that are more fully-featured.


Blog posts for today’s class

(Professor’s note… Before class, I could not make the time to create a post for today’s coverage. However, it’s likely that I’ll make a post or two, so check back in a few days for more.)



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