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DPS913 lecture notes Thu Nov 11

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Today, we learn more about views, by introducing simple 2D graphics. Additionally, we will cover the accelerometer device feature.


Prepare for today’s class

Digital content linked below, and on the virtual textbook page.


Coming up in DPS913 / APD601

Mon Nov 15 – Test 2

Thu Nov 18 – more coverage of device features


Example apps covered today

Downloadable – Shapes, (TBA)

Downloadable – Accel Sense


Topic coverage preview

We will learn more about views today. We have been using (and programming and configuring) views since the beginning of the course, but we’ll cover some topics that may be new to you.

The topic coverage will prepare you for an introduction to 2D graphics.

The Core Graphics framework provides us with the essential functionality to program and perform 2D graphics operations. Core Graphics is also known as Quartz 2D. There are a couple of Apple reference resources that can get you introduced to Core Graphics:

Getting Started with Graphics and Animation – a guide with links to resources

View Programming Guide for iOS – background information on views

Quartz 2D Programming Guide – background information on Quartz 2D / Core Graphics programming

Incidentally, more sophisticated graphics, for immersive apps (like games), can use the OpenGL ES framework, which will not be covered in this course.


Blog posts for today’s class

(Professor’s note… Before class, I could not make the time to create a post for today’s coverage. However, I plan to, so check back in a few days for more.)


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