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DPS907 WSA500 web services programming assignment

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A course highlight is the web services programming assignment. Information about it is here..


One of the highlights of this course is the web services programming assignment. The assignment gives you the opportunity to prove that you have learned what you needed to, and it gives you a chance to implement your own ideas and passions.

You can start working on the assignment any time. It is due at 8:00am ET on Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

This is an individual assignment – no partners or groups. You can select one of the options/ideas from below, and tell me (by email) what you will be doing. Send me the email no later than 9:50am on Monday, November 1 (our first class back after study week).

What can you do for the assignment? Well, you have some flexibility. There are basically four options. All must meet some functionality and complexity specifications, which will include the following.

  • based on WCF WebHttp Services
  • non-trivial URI scheme (about 30+ options)
  • data access
  • security built in
  • supports both XML and JSON responses


Note: The number of URIs that you MUST code was increased from the original October posting.

Option 1 – Your own idea

If you have your own idea for a web services API, you can use that for your assignment.

Document your idea, and send it to me as a proposal.


Option 2 – Web services for your third-year systems project

At the beginning of the course, you learned that you could create a web services API that would support your work in your systems course (PRJ566 in CPA, or BTS530 in BSD).

In your systems course, you have covered topics on the architecture and functionality of your system, and you have done a good amount of design and prototyping work. You can use this assignment to lay a foundation for next semester’s activity, by completing all or part of a web services API.


Option 3 – Web services for an Apple iOS assignment

Some of you are taking the DPS903/APD601 Apple Development course this semester, or you may know someone who is in that course.

In the Apple course, students must complete an iOS (the operating system for iPhones and iPod touch devices) programming assignment. One of the characteristics of a great iOS app is that it relies on a quality web services API. In the Apple course, we would like students to focus more on the iOS programming part, instead of the web services part, if possible.

Therefore, if you want to “team up” with someone in that course, and write the web services API for their iOS app, then you can. (That “someone” can be you, if you are in that course – in other words, your work on the iOS app, and earn grades in that course, and work on the web services API, and earn grades in this course.)


Option 4 – publish Northwind (or some other database) as a web services API

This last option will have formal specifications, written by your professor. You will publish Northwind (or some other database that is selected) as a web services API.

You will create a URI scheme and a number of operations that support full-fidelity operations on a data store, through a RESTful interface. Full details will be published during study week.


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