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DPS907 lecture notes Wed Oct 20

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We return to our study of WCF WebHttp Services today. Additionally, we’ll spend some time talking about the programming project.


Prepare for today’s class

Virtual textbook, week 7 topics

Digital content linked below


Coming up in DPS907 / WSA500

Week of Oct 25 – study week – no classes or labs

Mon Nov 1 – lab work period

Wed Nov 3 – continue working with WCF WebHttp Services


Blog posts for today’s class

I will create a blog post, and send you email when it’s ready. Until then, the following notes will help us get re-oriented today with WCF WebHttp Services.


Today’s WCF WebHttp Services tasks

A couple of weeks ago, we briefly studied WCF WebHttp Services. We did the following:

  • Downloaded the WCF REST Template for Visual Studio
  • Created a “WCF REST Service” project, using that template
  • Performed a basic GET of all SampleItem objects
  • Configured a URI to GET a specific SampleItem

Doing this work enabled us to get familiar with this type of project.

Today, we will build a new service, to expose data from a SQL Server database. This project will have a number of “moving parts”, and the goal for today is to show you some of them. After study week, we will learn more about this kind of RESTful web service, and increase the complexity.

As we build the new service, watch for the following:

Configuring the base service – specify the port, and other global settings.

Configure the base URI pattern – this is done in global.asax.

Inspect the database assets – we will use a new table, which is a list of Computer Studies programs.

Create an Entity Framework data model – EF is the data access technology that we will use.

Generate POCO classes from the EF data model – to enable xml and json responses.

Write methods that match URI patterns – to expose behaviour for HTTP methods.


During the lecture, we will look at a service that we create as new, and also look at the services that are described in these posts:

Getting Started with WCF WebHttp Services in .NET 4

Walkthrough: POCO Template for the Entity Framework



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