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Building a simple iOS app

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We will demonstrate, in class, how a simple (i.e. a “hello, world!”) app gets built.


Building a simple iOS app

We will demonstrate, in class, how a simple (i.e. a “hello, world!”) app gets built. In general, follow these principles as you are learning:

Make sure you know what you want to do

Complete and test your tasks incrementally (i.e. Do one thing at a time, and make sure it works)

Use this design-and-code cycle of steps:

  1. In the view controller .h, declare the instance variables, properties, and methods that you think you’ll need
  2. In the view controller .m, implement the properties and method stubs (and the memory management tasks)
  3. Build (Command+B) (which saves all, compiles, and tells you the result)
  4. Open (double-click) the view nib (in IB)
  5. Create the user interface
  6. Make connections between the UI elements and the File’s Owner outlets and actions
  7. Save (Command+S)
  8. Quit (Command+Q)
  9. Build and run (Command+R) to test your work
  10. When you’re done, in the iPhone Simulator, quit your app (Command+Shift+H), and then quit
  11. Close the console window (Command+W)
  12. Start the cycle again

The result that we created in class is in the “Hello” example app.

Also, download the “New iPhone View-Based Application” walkthrough PDF document, for detailed discussion of the app, the concepts involved, and the coding techniques.


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