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DPS907 lab notes Mon Sep 13

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Today, we will take advantage of your ASP.NET programming knowledge and experience, and begin our hands-on study of web services by looking at and coding ASP.NET SOAP XML web services.


Prepare for today’s class

Corresponding topics on the virtual textbook page

Digital content linked below


Coming up in DPS907  /  WSA500

Wed Sep 15 – continue our study of SOAP XML web services in ASP.NET

Mon Sep 20 – continue SOAP XML web services; work on Lab 1

Wed Sep 22 – Lab 1 due; continue SOAP XML web services


Blog posts for today’s class

This is our first class of the semester in a lab/computer room. At this early point in the semester, you may not know enough about web services to work on a lab, so we will use part of today’s class time as a lecture.

Here are the posts that we will work through today, and continue on Wednesday:

Providing an API to your ASP.NET Web Forms apps – an introduction

Adding web services to an ASP.NET Web Forms app

XML technologies for web services


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