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DPS913 APD601 iOS programming assignment

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A course highlight is the iOS programming assignment. Information about it is here..


One of the highlights of this course is the iOS programming assignment. The assignment gives you the opportunity to prove that you have learned what you needed to, and it gives you a chance to implement your own ideas and passions. And, you get to create something awesome – something that you can show to mom.

You can start working on the assignment any time. It is due at 8:00am ET on Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

You can do the assignment alone, or with one other partner. You must choose your option and whether you will work alone by 8:00am on September 22, and submit your project plan to me during that day’s lecture session. If you do the assignment with a partner, your work will be held to a slightly higher standard.

What can you do for the assignment? Well, you have some flexibility. There are basically three options:


Option 1 – Your Own Idea

If you have your own idea for an iOS application, it may be possible for you to make it count for your iOS programming assignment. In a couple of weeks, a specifications document will be published. You can design your application in a way that enables you to fulfil the specifications.

Please note that your own idea does NOT have to be unique and never-before-seen. With 250,000+ iOS applications now available, a unique idea may be hard to come up with. Therefore, you can (for example) reproduce the behaviour of an existing iOS application if you want, make a better version of something already out there, or make a companion to an existing desktop or web app.


Option 2 – Applications for ACS (Academic Computing Systems)

Seneca’s Academic Computing Systems (ACS) unit maintains the instructional computing systems that help the School of Computer Studies deliver their programs.

ACS needs a number of applications for the iOS. These applications will help in the maintenance of the instructional computing systems, and enhance their staff’s ability to communicate and perform their tasks.

Hassan Assiri, ACS Manager, will act as the client. Within a few weeks, detailed specifications will be published, and you will be able to select an app to work on.


Option 3 – ( name to be announced, will be an “iSeneca for SCS” only )

Modelled after iStanford and similar apps for universities and colleges, “iSeneca for SCS” will provide a set of tools that will complement your daily experience in the School of Computer Studies. The app ultimately will be useful for students, faculty, and staff. Features could include the following:

  • Access to curriculum and course lists
  • Access to course web sites
  • Timetable view
  • Maps of the York campus facilities
  • Create and maintain contact lists for course project group members
  • Document store and peer exchange
  • …and others…

Your professor has pretty high expectations on this one, but I am confident that you can rise to the challenge. Detailed specifications will be published within a few weeks. Your professor will act as the client.


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