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DPS913 APD601 final exam Fri Apr 23

The final exam for DPS913 and APD601 is today. Open this post for more information.


The course’s final exam is today

The DPS913 and APD601 final exam is today, Friday April 23 2010, at 9:00am ET. Come to TEL Building room T3135 for the exam. (If the exam schedule shows a different room, ignore that room, and come to T3135.)

It is worth 25% of your final course grade, and will be a written exam.

In the exam room, try not sit directly beside another student. Use an aisle/end seat, and then fill in the rows, leaving an empty seat between you and your neighbouring student.

Best wishes on the exam.


What to expect

For the first part of the exam, you will provide well-written answers to a small number of thought-provoking questions. These questions will be provided to by email on Wednesday April 21, so that you may prepare your answers.

For the last part of the exam, you will review some program code from an iPhone OS app. You will be expected to answer some questions about the program code. You should be able to draw and describe the user interface, create (draw and annotate) a class / object diagram, and describe the program code’s operation, functionality, and usage in detail.


Reference sheet

The reference sheet rules for the final exam are as follows: You will be permitted to use one hand-written reference sheet.

For each question (on the first part of the exam), you can write up to eight (8) key words (in English). Choose words that will help you create, during the exam, a well-written answer for each question.

Reference information of any kind is NOT PERMITTED for the last part of the exam, the program code review.


Reminder about DPS913 Policies & Standards

This is a reminder: Review the DPS913 Policies & Standards. In particular, make sure you read and understand the information about “Tests and Other Graded Work”.

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