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BTI420 final exam Mon Apr 19

The BTI420 final exam is Monday April 19. Open this post for full details.


Date, time, location

The BTI420 final exam for the Winter 2010 semester is scheduled for Monday April 19 2010, at 2:00pm ET.

You can sit in TEL Building room T2108, or in room T2110.

When you enter a room, select your seat so that there’s an empty chair between you and your neighbour(s).


Format of the exam

The exam has two parts:

  • There are 15 multiple-choice questions that ask you about your understanding of ASP.NET web forms application software development concepts; you will answer these questions on the exam paper
  • There is a programming exercise that asks you to create web page content, where you can show that you can apply the concepts you learned in this course and have the necessary programming skills


Information about the programming exercise

As noted above, you will be asked to do a programing exercise. You will create three (3) web forms. Each form will have specific content.

What can you expect? Well, think about it – there’s no mystery. For weeks, we have been looking at concepts, techniques, and skills to create interactive data-driven web applications. It is possible that you will need to work with and program any or all of the following:

  • Interactive web form(s)
  • Create and use a Data Access Layer that works with a database
  • Read from, and/or write to, text or XML files located on your web site
  • Use a web service “server”
  • Use, configure, and customize data display controls like the GridView and DetailsView


Prepare for the exam

You will be required to create a new web site for the final exam. The reason is that we – you and I – do not want anything in your current (root) web site interfering with your ability to do the final exam successfully.

If you do not create a new web site, there will be a deduction of ten (10) marks. This is a significant penalty, representing one-third of the marks available on the programming exercise.

Please do the following to create your new web site:


  • In Visual Studio 2008, choose File > New > Web Site…
  • Using the following image as a guide, make sure you create a .NET Framework 3.5 version of an ASP.NET Web Site
  • The location will be HTTP, at http://warp.senecac.on.ca/_Your_Warp_ID_/exam”, and use the Visual C# language

New Web Site dialog in Visual Studio 2008

Please remember that the web site root for this new web site, as reported by Server.MapPath(“~”), will be the “exam” folder, and NOT your root/home folder. Therefore, if you are working with file system paths, you will have to remember this.


Working with data display controls

You will be using the GridView and DetailsView data display controls. You may be working with others too, including the familiar list controls.

For the GridView, make sure you know how to customize the bound columns/fields, and create and customize other columns/fields. In the past, we have worked with a hyperlink field, an image field, and a template field.

For all data display controls, make sure you know how to work with data sources, and know how data binding works. Make sure you know how to work with object data source controls, a data access layer, and a web service.

If you do not use a data access layer, there will be a deduction of ten (10) marks. This is a significant penalty, representing one-third of the marks available on the programming exercise.


Browse and inspect the database tables

On the exam, you will be working with the bti420_101a03 database. You must use these credentials:
User name bti420_101a44
Password finalexam

It has five (5) tables that you may be using, either through a data access layer, or from a web service:

  • Drivers – information on NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers (read only)
  • Comments – comments posted by web site users (read/write)
  • Points – summary data on a driver’s performance so far this season
  • QualityPasses – data on a specific performance measurement
  • MilesLed – data on a specific performance measurement

Drivers is read only (i.e. you can select from it). Comments is read/write (i.e. you can select and insert; but you cannot update or delete).

The other three tables do not permit any direct operations by you (i.e. select, insert, update, delete). You must use a web service (described next) to access these tables.

BTI420 Winter 2010 Final Exam tables


Look at the web service

On the exam, you will be working with the NASCAR 2010 Statistics web service located here:

It has six (6) methods that you may be using. They are described and documented on the WSDL page. Carefully study each the methods, looking at the return type, and whether the method requires an argument.

When you begin to configure an ObjectDataSource, the wizard asks you to “Choose a Business Object”. The dropdown list will NOT display web service classes if the “Show only data components” check box is checked/marked. Therefore, un-check (clear/un-mark) the check box, and you will be able to choose and work with the NASCARStatistics2010 proxy class that you created (as a web reference).

BTI420 Winter 2010 Final Exam web service


Reference material

The following lists the reference resources which are permitted and those which are not allowed. The philosophy is that you will do your own thinking about the question and solve it yourself, rather than relying on constructing answers from bits of copy-paste code.


  • One single paper-based reference sheet (see the “Reference Sheet Guidelines” in the policies and standards section of the BTI420 Policies & Standards document )
  • Access to online material or other printed material

Not allowed:

  • Complete, or substantially complete, program code listings on your reference sheet
  • Any means that lets you easily copy-and-paste complete or substantially complete sections of code

WARNING! You will simply not be able to construct working answers using a copy-paste method, where you try to find the “right” blocks of code, and build, Frankenstein style, a working program. Believe me – you won’t have time to do that.

You can use the existing code resources as a reference, but then you must WRITE YOUR OWN CODE. And be warned, I do NOT want to see MY code in your pages! If you do use my code, you will be in violation of the College’s academic honesty policies.

Please read the Policies & Standards information on the Graded Work page, especially the Tests and Other Graded Work section.

Best wishes on the exam.


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