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Assignment deliverable 3 (due Thu Apr 1)

This post has details on what you need to do for the assignment’s final deliverable 3..

Assignment deliverable 3 is due on Thursday April 1  2010 at 4:00pm

Assignment deliverable 3 is due on Thursday, April 1, 2010, at 4:00pm ET.

This work will be worth 20% of your final course grade.

You must submit a physical/paper report to me. Then, after the due date and time, I will look for your project online, on the warp server.



Since the last deliverable due date a couple of weeks ago, you will have been able to finish your web site’s functionality, and work on its appearance and design.

The marking guide for deliverable 3 takes this into account. Download it from this link:

Deliverable 3 marking guide

Your professor will use this guide when marking your work, and you will get a printed copy of the results.


Printed report

As noted elsewhere, this third (and final) deliverable must include a printed report document, which will be a "technical reference guide" for your web site. It will document the web site’s design, use, functionality, and some of its programming code.

The following is a suggested physical format for the document:

  • The report must be bound using a suitable method (report cover, DuoTang, Cerlox, binder, spiral, etc.). No loose or paper/binder-clipped pages are permitted.
  • Use a standard 8.5" x 11" paper size.

Follow this suggested sequence for the report’s contents:

  • There must be a cover page
  • Include a personally-signed "Student Assignment Submission Form" (available from this page)
  • Table of contents
  • An introduction to, or overview of, the application/project
  • Information (URL and credentials) on how your professor can login to your application/project as an administrator-level user
  • Include a brief written description of your web site’s design
  • Discuss how you implemented master pages, and include one or more code examples
  • Discuss how you implemented CSS, and include one or more code examples
  • Discuss how you implemented navigation, and include one or more code examples
  • A written description of your authentication scheme
  • Briefly discuss how ASP.NET Membership and Roles works, and which components you are using
  • Include the code that enables your scheme to work, from…
  • Web.config
  • Data access layer helper class(es), if applicable
  • Include a print screen capture of your data access layer (i.e. the DataSet)
  • Print screen captures of your web site’s pages (except for the lab exercise pages), using a browser sized to 1024 x 768; put two (2) screen captures per printed page, with captions (so I know what the screen captures are supposed to be!)
  • A chapter or section that describes the design, functionality, and programming code for two (2) areas/pages of your web site, and one must be the "content viewer" area/page; each chapter or section must include:
  • A brief written description of the area/page’s design and functionality
  • A printout of your page in Visual Studio’s Design View
  • A printout of your page’s C# code-behind, from Visual Studio, with line numbers
  • Documentation/description of the data access layer components used to implement this page’s functionality

You are NOT required to print the pages in color. Your professor will be happy with black-only printing.

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