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BTI420 test Wed Feb 24 (section A) and Thu Feb 25 (section B)

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Test 2 is Wednesday for section A, and Thursday for section B. Open this post for full details.


Prepare for today’s class

Be rested and alert.

Make sure you can “explain” and “do”


Coming up in BTI420

Week of March 1 through March 5 – study week / winter break

Mon Mar 8 – applied ASP.NET Web Forms programming topics


Test 2 is Wednesday or Thursday

BTI420 Test 2 will be as follows:

  • Section A – Wednesday at 1:30pm in T2109
  • Section B – Thursday at 11:40am in T2109

You will be tested on “web server file system” and “introductory data access” topics. You can have the full two periods to complete the test.

The test will be done on computer. There are two programming tasks:

  1. You will work with the web server file system in some way
  2. You will work with data access in some way (you MUST use a Data Access Layer – a DataSet – and a number of ObjectDataSource objects)

The following lists the reference resources which are permitted and those which are not allowed. The philosophy is that you will do your own thinking about the question and solve it yourself, rather than relying on constructing answers from bits of copy-paste code.


  • One single paper-based reference sheet (see the “Reference Sheet Guidelines” in the policies and standards section of the BTI420 Policies & Standards document )
  • Access to online material or other printed material

Not allowed:

  • Complete, or substantially complete, program code listings on your reference sheet or page
  • Any means that lets you easily copy-and-paste complete or substantially complete sections of code

WARNING! You will simply not be able to construct working answers using a copy-paste method, where you try to find the “right” blocks of code, and build, Frankenstein style, a working program. Believe me – you won’t have time to do that.

You can use the existing code resources as a reference, but then you must WRITE YOUR OWN CODE. And be warned, I do NOT want to see MY code in your pages! If you do use my code, you will be in violation of the College’s academic honesty policies.

Please read the Policies & Standards information on the Graded Work page, especially the Tests and Other Graded Work section.

Best wishes on the test.


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