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Prepare for this week’s Test 2

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This post has information on what you need to do to prepare for this week’s Test 2.


This week’s Test 2 is an on-computer test. See the notes page for complete details.

Before the test, you should do the following tasks.


Copy the Northwind tables to your database

See the notes page for complete details.

You will need the tables in your own database, so that you can practice database operations. Additionally, you may need to use tables from Northwind or your own database during the test.


Know how to create a "subweb" web site (below your root/home)

For the test, you will be required to create a new web site. The last time you did this was during the first week of BTI420, when you initially configured your root/home web site.

The name of the web site will be specified on the test paper.

Until then, you can re-learn and practice how to create a new web site. Here are the instructions:

1. Start Visual Studio. On the File menu, choose New, then Web Site.

2. In the "New Web Site" dialog box, perform the following actions:

  • In the Templates area, choose "ASP.NET Web Site"
  • In the upper-right of the dialog box, make sure you have selected ".NET Framework 3.5" from the drop-down button
  • In the Location drop-down button, choose "HTTP"
  • In the address textbox beside the Location drop-down button, specify the address using the format shown below
  • In the Language drop-down button, choose "Visual C#"

The address format is as follows:


Obviously, replace <yourWebSiteName> with the bti420… name of your web site.

And, replace <subwebName> with the name of the new subweb web site (example – deleteme1).

After Visual Studio creates your new subweb web site, edit its Default.aspx page, and ensure that you can browse to it. Note that the Default.aspx page will show up in the browser’s address bar as the following:



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