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Assignment deliverable 1 (due Fri Feb 19)

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This post has details on what you need to do for the assignment’s deliverable 1.


The following was taken from the "Assignment specifications (personal web site)" document.


Assignment deliverable 1 is due on Friday February 19  2010 at 8:00am

Assignment deliverable 1 is due on Friday, February 19, 2010, at 8:00am ET.

This work will be worth 2% of your final course grade.

You do not have to physically submit any paper to me. After the due date and time, I will look for your project online, on the warp server.



It will show me your project’s design, based on the specifications. You will create a folder structure and a number of simple web forms. The pages can be linked together using simple hyperlinks. You will not have a completely functional system by that time, but you will have pages that will simulate your project’s planned functionality.

When you create your folder structure, make sure it will be securable with ASP.NET Membership. You do not have to implement ASP.NET Membership in deliverable 1, but you must think about its role in your web site, and how it affects its structure.

All of your web forms will use master pages. You have begun to use master pages with your labs, beginning with Lab 3. All of your web site’s pages, except for Lab 1 and Lab 2, must be replaced with versions that use a master page.

Tip – how to "convert" a page for use with a master page:

There’s no simple "convert" procedure. It is best to do it manually. Here’s how:

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click the page, and choose Exclude From Project. This action will rename the page to <whatever>.exclude.
  2. Open up the now-excluded aspx and cs files; they appear in a no-frills text editor.
  3. Create the "new" version of the page, and specify its master page.
  4. Copy the content you want from the excluded files into the corresponding "new" versions of the page’s source code files.

You will also include some brief online documentation about your design and planned functionality. You can use descriptive narrative, as well as the concepts and skills you have learned or are learning in BTS330 and BTS430, and/or in other courses. 


Future changes?

Are you "locked in" to your deliverable 1 design?

No. You can (and will) make changes, especially as you learn more in the coming weeks.


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