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BTI420 test Mon Feb 8

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Test 1 is today. Open this post for full details.


Prepare for today’s class

Be rested and alert

Make sure you can “explain” and “do”


Coming up in BTI420

Lab session on Feb 10 or 12 – ASP.NET Membership for authentication and authorization

Mon Feb 15 – NO CLASS – new Family Day statutory holiday

Lab session on Feb 17 or 19 – Introduction to data access topics

Mon Feb 22 – Continue data access topics

Lab session on Feb 24 or 25 (special day) – Test 2 – on-computer

Week of March 1 through March 5 – study week / winter break


Test 1 is today

BTI420 Test 1 will be this today, during our regular session together. You will be tested on all topics covered or linked/referenced up to and including session state data persistence.

Note: You will NOT be tested on server file system input and output on Test 1.

You can have the full two periods to complete the test.

The test will be done on paper. There are about 35 or so questions, and most of them are worth one mark. The question types will include multiple choice, multiple answer, fill in the blank, sequencing, and so on. There will also be short answer questions that require short answers (one or two lines of code) to programming questions.

The following lists the reference resources which are permitted and those which are not allowed.


Not allowed:

  • Access to online material or other printed material

Please read the Policies & Standards information on the Graded Work page, especially the Tests and Other Graded Work section.

Best wishes on the test.


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