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BTI420 class notes Mon Jan 18

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We will have a thorough introduction to the C# programming language today, and learn something about the .NET Framework. We also get started with list controls.


Prepare for today’s class

Go through the the Week 1 and 2 readings on the virtual textbook page.

Go through the digital content linked below.


Coming up in BTI420

Lab session on Jan 20 or 22 – Work on Lab 2

Mon Jan 25 – error-handling, collection classes, writing your own classes


Working with the documentation

You have noticed that most of the links in the BTI420 Virtual Textbook point to MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) Library articles. While most of the articles have been descriptive, a few have been class reference documents. In class, we’ll spend a few minutes, and I’ll go through the approach you should take for using this and other documentation.


In-class code examples

Starting today, I will be creating ASP.NET code examples in class. Depending on the example’s size, I will create it fully/completely in class, or I may start on it before class, and then finish it off in (or shortly after) class. The examples are on a page that is linked at the right side of this web site, under the “Programming & code examples” area.

This week’s examples will focus on list web server controls. We’ll do a number of operations which will help teach the C# and .NET Framework topics (above), as well as the applied ASP.NET topic.


Blog posts for today’s class

Learning C# – the top ten list

“List” web server controls introduction

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