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Configure your warp server account

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This post has information that will enable you to configure your warp server account for BTI420 work.


The following procedure must be used only once per new web site. Follow it carefully.


Configure your account on the warp server

Start Visual Studio 2008. On the File menu, choose New, the Web Site.

The New Web Site dialog appears. Complete the dialog very carefully. You need to make sure that you select the correct properties for your project:

  • In the Templates area, select ASP.NET Web Site
  • In the target dropdown button, select .NET Framework 3.5
  • In the Location dropdown button, select HTTP
  • Beside the Location dropdown button, type in the web site address, using the following format
  • In the Language dropdown button, select Visual C#

Visual Studio new web site dialog

Click OK. You will be asked to provide your credentials. I will give you your credentials in class. Enter your credentials, and click OK.

Send your credentials

Then, Visual Studio will open the web site location. It will find a few files there already, because ACS creates a "default.htm" page when they create your account. Carefully complete the Web Site Already Exists dialog as follows:

Web site already exists (confirm)

After you click OK, Visual Studio makes the new web site ready. It creates a "default.aspx" web form, and shows it to you in design mode, in split mode, or in source mode (depending upon your Visual Studio settings). You know it’s ready because the upper-left area has a tab showing the open web form, and the cursor is in the <div> block:

Ready (upper left)

In the lower left of the screen, you see the status bar, showing "Ready", and the Design mode indicator illuminated:

Ready (lower left)

If you hover over the Solution Explorer tab (upper right area), it will open the Solution Explorer. (You can also open it with a keystroke, Ctrl+Alt+L.) You can see the project name highlighted (it’s the name of your web site), and the list of folder and file objects in the project (including the _private, App_Data, and images folders, and files called Default.aspx, default.htm, and web.config).

Ready (upper right)

On the design surface, enter some text, save the form, and then browse to it. You can browse to your form by selecting View in Browser from the File menu.

Now, close (exit) Visual Studio.


Open an existing web site project

Start Visual Studio. On the File menu, choose Open, then Web Site. In the dialog, choose "Remote Site" on the left-side navigator, then enter the web site location for your warp server account. You will be challenged for credentials.

To change your initial password, visit the account management page at https://warp.senecac.on.ca.



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