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BTI420 lab notes Wed Jan 13 / Fri Jan 15

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Today is our first lab session. During a part of the time, you will get started with Visual Studio. Then, we will work with four ASP.NET Web Server Controls.


Prepare for today’s class

Show up on time. Be alert and mentally agile. Be prepared to learn.

If you wish, you can look at some of the introductory readings in the BTI420 Virtual Textbook.

And, you can go through the digital content linked below.


Coming up in BTI420

Mon Jan 18 – C# programming language, collection classes, lists, user interaction

Lab session on Jan 20 or 22 – work on Lab 2


Getting started with “controls”

We are interested in ASP.NET Web Server Controls. The MSDN documentation says this about web server controls:

ASP.NET Web server controls are objects on ASP.NET Web pages that run when the page is requested and that render markup to a browser. Many Web server controls resemble familiar HTML elements, such as buttons and text boxes. Other controls encompass complex behavior, such as a calendar controls, and controls that manage data connections.

Your first task will be to become familiar with "controls". We will start with the basic controls:

  • Hyperlink 
  • Label
  • Textbox
  • Button

After we understand these, we will move on to list controls next week.


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