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BTO130 Wed Dec 16 2009 class notes (exam)

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The BTO130 final exam is today.


BTO130 final exam for the Fall 2009 semester

According to the School of Computer Studies official exam schedule, the BTO130 final exam is scheduled as follows:

  • Wednesday December 16 2009
  • 9:00am to 11:00am ET
  • TEL building, room T3075

Exam cover sheet - click to see a full-size imageThe final exam will be a written exam. It is divided into a number of parts, and then into sections. In many sections, you have some choice about the questions you answer – for example, "answer any 4 of the following questions".

Here are the question types on the exam:

Short answers, including fill-in-the-blank, words/phrases, short descriptions (a few sentences), and so on

Some multiple-choice and/or multiple selection

Matching (e.g. match the concept with the description), and sequencing/ordering (place steps/descriptions in sequence)

Medium-length and longer-length written answers, sometimes with diagrams

Some answers will be written on the exam paper. Others (e.g. the longer written answers) will be written in an exam booklet.

The final exam is comprehensive, in that it includes content from the entire BTO130 course. See the cover sheet (at the right/above; click for a full-size image) for a marks breakdown, which corresponds roughly to the sequence and time spent on skills, networking, architecture, and storage topics. The style of the test’s questions, and expectations, will be similar to those on Tests 3 and 4. One student asked whether there will be questions like "what was the most interesting thing you learned from section 5 of RFC1180?". Well, maybe. Another commented that there is alot of material to cover. Yes, there is.

Your professors can offer the following advice:

  • Review the course material week by week.
  • Work with and practice using the tools and utilities that help you convert facts and concepts into hands-on learning.
  • Be confident knowing that you DO know something about the topics we covered, and that many of the topics build upon others, and upon foundation skills and concepts you already knew, or learned in this course.
  • Make up a good reference sheet (below).
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • On exam day, before you begin the exam, read the exam instructions carefully.

Reference material and resources

The following lists the reference resources which are permitted and those which are not allowed.


  • One single paper-based reference sheet (see the "Reference Sheet Guidelines" in the policies and standards section of the BT0130 Policies & Standards document 
    We must highlight the following: DO NOT copy/paste these class notes on to your reference sheet. DO NOT copy/paste material from other sources (e.g. Wikipedia, textbook, etc.). Your reference sheet will be inspected during the test. If it does not follow the guidelines, its use may be disallowed. During marking if an answer uses content from the reference sheet, and the reference sheet does not follow the guidelines, the answer will be graded as zero (0). Do not violate the College’s Academic Honesty policy.

Not allowed:

  • Access to online material or other printed material

Remember that you are taking a degree-level course.

Therefore it’s fair that you are asked about factual information, as well as concepts, which will give you an opportunity to demonstrate reasoning, analysis, and synthesis skills.

Also, you will not be permitted to use digital devices like cellphones or smartphones. (Students often use these devices as timepieces. Your professor will keep you updated about the time.)

Best wishes on the exam, in your future studies, and in life.


Reminder about BTO130 Policies & Standards

This is a reminder: Review the BTO130 Policies & Standards, located on this web site page. In particular, make sure you read and understand the information about "Tests and Other Graded Work".

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