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BTO130 Tue Nov 24 2009 class notes

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You will learn about the role of memory in an operating system today. Virtual memory is explained and discussed.


Prepare for today’s class

Learning resources (documentation) listed on this page

Digital content linked below


Coming up in BTO130

Thu Nov 26 / Fri Nov 27 – processes and threads architecture topic

Tue Dec 1 – Lab 4 is due; Event Viewer, devices, Registry topics

Thu Dec 3 / Fri Dec 4 – Test 4

Tue Dec 8 – Storage and I/O system; file systems (last class of the semester)

Wed Dec 16 – Final exam in T3075 at 9:00am (to be confirmed)


Quiz today

Quiz 4 will be available today. It will test you on this week’s (today’s class and the next class) operating system architecture topics (memory, and processes and threads).

Quiz 4 will be available from today (Tue Nov 24, at 3:20pm for Section A, and at 5:05pm for Section B) until Thursday (Thu Nov 26 at 11:00pm). There is a 25-minute timer on it, and there are 21 questions (mostly multiple-choice). You can do this quiz up to two times, and the My.Seneca system will record your highest grade.


Assignment – hands-on Lab 4

The Lab 4 assignment will be available by the beginning of today’s class:

  • It is worth 3% of your final course grade
  • It is due December 1 by the beginning of class



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