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BTO130 Thu Nov 5 / Fri Nov 6 2009 class notes

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Now that you know the some of the concepts and foundations of TCP/IP application protocols, we’ll now examine a series of protocols, including DHCP, DNS, and NAT.


Prepare for today’s class

Digital content linked below

Use the official RFC internet resources to learn about today’s application protocols; read/skim these sections of the RFC’s:


Reminder about the suggested learning procedure

As we discussed in class, learning this fact- and concept-filled material can be helped by using a procedure where you use multiple online resources. We suggest the following:

Open the daily notes page (obviously).

Open the http://tools.ietf.org/html page, so that you can view the relevant RFC document(s).

Open Wikipedia, and get the article that pertains to the topic being discussed.

Open your computer’s relevant tools (e.g. telnet, browser, mail client, Control Panel tool, etc.) that help you explore and test the topic being discussed.


Coming up in BTO130

Next two classes (next Tue Nov 10, next Thu Nov 12/Fri Nov 13) – continue learning TCP/IP application protocols

Tue Nov 17 – Test 3


Quiz 3 is today

Quiz 3 is today, and will be available during the first fifteen minutes of the class time, and only from computers in your BTO130 classroom. The quiz will be delivered by My.Seneca. No aids (notes, printed or online reference, etc.) are permitted.



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