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BTO130 Thu Oct 22 / Fri Oct 23 2009 class notes

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Test 2 is today.


Prepare for today’s class

Review the class notes. Read the textbook chapters. Read the linked resources. Learn. Think. Analyze. Act. Apply the topics you are learning by practicing.


Coming up in BTO130

Next week, from Mon Oct 26 through Fri Oct 30 – study week – no classes or labs (but consider attending FSOSS)

Tue Nov 3 – begin learning about network protocols


Test 2 is today

Test 2 is Thursday October 22 for Prof. McIntyre’s section A.

Test 2 is Friday October 23 for Prof. Qin’s section B.

It is worth 10% of your final course grade, and will be an on-paper/written test. It covers new topics since the last test:

  • Graphical user interface operations
  • Command line interface commands
  • IBM i operating system introduction
  • Mac OS X operating system introduction
  • Networking skills topics

The question types will include multiple choice, multiple answer, fill in the blank, sequencing, and so on. There will also be short answer questions.

Reference material and resources

The following lists the reference resources which are permitted and those which are not allowed.


Not allowed:

  • Access to online material or other printed material

Remember that you are taking a degree-level course.

Therefore it’s fair that you are asked about factual information, as well as concepts, which will give you an opportunity to demonstrate reasoning, analysis, and synthesis skills.

Best wishes on the test.


Reminder about BTO130 Policies & Standards

This is a reminder: Review the BTO130 Policies & Standards, located on this web site page. In particular, make sure you read and understand the information about "Tests and Other Graded Work".

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