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BTO130 Thu Sep 24 / Fri Sep 25 2009 class notes

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Test 1 is today.


Prepare for today’s class

Review the class notes. Read the textbook chapters. Read the linked resources. Learn. Think. Analyze. Act. Apply the topics you are learning by practicing.


Coming up in BTO130

Next week, Tuesday and Thursday/Friday – GUI and CLI operations


Test 1 is today

Test 1 is Thursday September 24 for Prof. McIntyre’s section A.

Test 1 is Friday September 25 for Prof. Qin’s section B.

You will use one of the room’s computers for the test. You CANNOT use your own computer for this test.

There are two parts to the test, which you can do in any order:

  1. A skills-based exercise, where you attempt to complete a multi-step task
  2. A paper-based written test, with multiple-choice etc. questions, and a few short-answer (written) questions

You will be tested on the topics we have discussed since the beginning of the course. As you know, we have been focusing on security-related topics.

Make sure you know how to use the College’s webmail system:

  • Login
  • Read mail
  • Reply to sender
  • Attach a file to your reply

These are basic skills, but you would be surprised to know that almost every semester, there is a student (or more than one) who is unable to do this.

Reminder: If you want to connect directly to the College’s webmail server (without going through the My.Seneca portal), use this address:



Reminder about BTO130 "Policies & Standards

This is a reminder: Review the BTO130 "Policies & Standards" located on this web site page. In particular, make sure you read and understand the information about "Tests and Other Graded Work".

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