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BTO130 Thu Sep 17 / Fri Sep 18 2009 class notes

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We recently began learning about operating system security by working with accounts for users and groups. Today, we continue learning about security. Authentication is introduced, as well as authorization. Then, we’ll examine access control and permissions.


Prepare for today’s class

Textbook readings:

  • Chapter 32 (Controlling Access…) (only the "Controlling Access With NTFS Permissions" section)

Computer-based and online (internet) material linked below


Coming up in BTO130

Here are a few announcements about upcoming class sessions.

Tue Sep 22 – Vista installation – bring your own DVD to this class session

Thu Sep 24/Fri Sep 25 – Test 1, worth 10% of your final course grade

As noted above, you will do a Windows Vista installation next week, on Tuesday September 22. Check these class notes for instructions on how to create your own DVD.


Quiz today

Quiz 1, an online quiz delivered through My.Seneca, is today. You will have about ten minutes to complete a series of multiple-choice and true-false questions on recently-learned security topics.

Topic coverage for a quiz usually includes the current week’s topics. The questions are based on material in these daily class notes AND in the reference/resources that are referred to or linked.

Please note that you may be quizzed on material that we have not yet discussed in class. For example, if we have the quiz at the beginning of the second class of the week, you will still have to answer questions on material that we’ll cover in class after the quiz. This means – obviously – that you will have to prepare for class ahead of type (which is the recommended way to prepare for class in this course).


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