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BTO130 Tue Sep 15 2009 class notes

September 15, 2009

Security topics are introduced today. You learn how to create users and groups, and configure their settings. User profiles are covered. Finally, Windows UAC is covered, and compared to similar features in Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux.


Prepare for today’s class

Textbook readings:

  • Chapter 10 (only the "Managing User Profiles" section)
  • Chapter 3 (only the "Using Windows Help and Support" section)
  • Chapter 12
  • Chapter 13

Read (and analyze and understand) the textbook readings BEFORE today’s class.

Digital content linked below

Handouts (distributed in class)


Coming up in BTO130

Here are a few announcements about upcoming class sessions.

Thu Sep 17 / Fri Sep 18 – online quiz – continue with security topics

Tue Sep 22 – Vista installation – bring your own Vista DVD to this class session

Thu Sep 24 / Fri Sep 25 – Test 1, worth 10% of your final course grade

Windows Vista installation

As noted above, you will do a Windows Vista installation next week, on Tuesday September 22.  You must bring your own Vista DVD to this class session. Here’s how to create your own Vista DVD:

  1. Make sure you have one or more blank DVD+R (or DVD-R) discs
  2. Go to the Open Lab in the TEL building
  3. On the left (south) side of the room, just past the attendant’s desk, there is a row of computers along the wall – go to one of them
  4. Login using your My.Seneca credentials, open a browser, and go to the ACS web site (https://acs.senecac.on.ca)
  5. Click the "Downloads" link on the left-side menu, login (again) and using your My.Seneca credentials
  6. Click the "MSDN" button, and the list of downloads appears
  7. Near the bottom of the list, locate the 2.49GB Windows Vista Business link (see below for an image), and click to download it (which should take about ten minutes)
  8. After it has finished downloading, start a DVD burning program (ask an attendant if you need help)
  9. Use the program’s "create DVD from an ISO image file" option to create the DVD (ask an attendant if you need help)
  10. After it finishes, bring the DVD to your S2119 classroom, and with the switch in position 4, power on the computer; if it boots/starts from the disc, you are ready for the installation

Vista Business download from ACS


Quiz review

We will review the answers to the (paper/handout) quizzes we had in the first week.



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