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BTO130 Tue Sep 8 2009 class notes

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Welcome! This is the first class session. We will get you oriented to the Software Development program, to the Seneca computing environment, and with this course, BTO130.


Software Development program (BSD) orientation


We’ll spend some time getting you oriented to the Software Development program, by presenting and discussing the information on the following page:

Software Development Program Orientation Information


SenecaServersSmall Seneca servers for first-semester students

As a Computer Studies student, you will use a number of computer systems as you learn and study. The following link shows a page that provides an overview of the Seneca computer systems, and information about accessing these systems:

Seneca Computer Systems Overview for new students


Getting started with a typical course in the program

As noted on the program orientation page, we use web sites to deliver most of the content you need in a course, and we use email to communicate with you outside of class time.

We’ll spend some time exploring a typical web site. Please note that some professors will replace online delivery with handouts and other paper-based documents when appropriate.

Also, as noted on the program orientation page, you can rely on your professor for help during the course. In addition, we recommend that you ask your professor to discuss the key factors that will ensure success in their course.

In any case, as you get started in the Software Development program, make sure that you:

  • Get organized, right away
  • Stay current and up-to-date
  • Avoid falling behind


BTO130 course introduction

What will you learn in this course, BTO130? Let’s cover that now, by checking out a couple of slide decks.

A Tour Through BTO130 This Semester


BTO130 Learning Outcomes


How much do you know about the Windows operating system?

We’ll have a few short quizzes to evaluate your current knowledge. Don’t worry – these quizzes will not count for marks.

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